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This town house was remodeled for a stylish glamorous lady, who likes crystals and accented colors and is very proud to deliberately make a pretentious display. Our Diva wanted a chic dazzling setting where she would feel like a queen entering her palace.

We placed an electric fireplace to create a focal point between the living room and the dining room. The niche in the foyer was upholstered in red velvet to serve as a throne to our princess, exhibiting a conceptual art piece as well.

The walls were originally textured; we plastered them to add a clean looking smooth touch. We added LED lighting on the stairway to top off our client’s glamorous glitzy vogue.

To carry her style to her boudoir, we custom made a dramatic tufted headboard, and her Grandmother’s sentimental chair was upholstered in a hot pink velvet splash of color that made a traditional piece of furniture blend in harmoniously with a contemporary setting.

We provided the restroom with a welcoming clean look, incorporating glass tiles and crystal lighting, twinkling the setting, pleasingly combining with the room.

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