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Interior Design

It is our deep belief that tailored made interior design represents an emotional metaphor that intrinsically reflects who you are.

your space

Your space is a blank canvas where you give life to your design towards astonishing ideas and convert them into a reality. You should instantly feel a part of that space, inspiring your passion as well as your utter most feelings of comfort. 

your vision

In that beautiful panorama, your creation starts to take place. All of the sudden you give birth to a mental concept of what you desire; you are not a professional designer but at that point you are becoming one… Concepts start brainstorming and you are bringing into existence your own dreamed living. 

your style

This is where we seamlessly come in... Let Luniela Interior Design interpret your creation. We are impassioned about our clientele's psychology of living spaces and that is what makes us unique... We simply provide design and decor assistance and the necessary resources to accomplish your exclusive vogue.

Simple as ABC!

Our first meeting will discourse about your lifestyle in general; costumes, color and style preferences, walk of life, and other pertinent information that will allow us to grasp an accurate illustration of your single separate style… Images will be collected from your relevant space, furniture will be cataloged, and we will discuss budget and time frame.


Once the proposition has been approved we will venture into the Construction Phase. It is at this stage where your preferences and our 18 years of experience in the industry will produce your unique custom made design.

We meet again to present the floor plan, color board, hard surfaces materials, colors schemes and architectural features among other important details.


It’s now time to make it happen!


We then get together with the Builders and/or Architects, take care of legal details, if so needed, and start the hand in hand work. A follow up at all stages of the project will be carried out to ensure blueprints desirables.


We will stop by the construction site often, and put together the delivery and installation of your new movables. You will be updated weekly and if necessary, get together to address any concerns.  


Let us worry about the rest!

Designing your luxury spaces has never been so easy and fun!

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