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Located between the 3 beautiful mountain preserves of Moon Valley.


The couple in their late fifties had recently sold their former home to downsize into this small contemporary house.

The clients required as a must, plenty of light and wanted wood and stone materials with a slick look.

As soon as we saw the property, we visualized and simplified their requirements.

We started by removing the carpet throughout the whole house along with the linoleum in the kitchen and replacing the flooring with White Oak, except in the kitchen area, which we replaced with 24’x36’ Hone Travertine Tiles, and blended it with a beautiful walnut color of wood for the cabinetry.

By lighting up the walls in an alabaster white by the latest palettes from Sherwin Williams, and removing part of the roof to place a skylight we provided that bright touch the house desperately needed, tying perfectly with the living room French doors to go to the patio area.

The existing fire place was outdated, we suggested a split faced travertine, to create a three-dimensional focal point, delivering a clean contemporary new guise.

Using warm wood veneer tones, painting the hearth in grey and customizing new metallic sliding doors, we took away the traditional design feeling of the fireplace, in its position we formed functionality and expressed our clients distinguished style.

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