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Architectural Design; Our on-going project

Often, we ponder in admiration the astounding architectural façades that tend to trademark a city. At times, we instantly feel caressed by entering the harmonious layout of an exquisitely designed space, without grasping the fact that they are a work of art and many centuries of architectural evolution.

Some of the Renaissance Modern architectural design in the United States is linked to the fine art of ancient Roman stone arches, combined with Spanish red colonial terracotta roofing tiles, among other Mediterranean fine-spun distributions, typically characterized by symmetrical primary façades.

The modern design, on the other hand, was developed in the middle of the 20th century and puts emphasis on horizontal and vertical lines, the shapes are based on connected boxes, and the roofs are flat.

Windows are no longer apertures to the outside, but large expanses from floors to ceilings, providing a striking view and allowing natural light to enter deep into the interior of the structure.

This project in Paradise Valley, Arizona, presented a great challenge; to transform the Modern Renaissance style of the building into a clean aesthetic modern remodel without distorting the integrity of the structure.

As soon as we looked at the front façade, it was clear that the arches had to go. The windows were substituted with rectangular metal frames, and the arched wooden door gave away to an oblong glass metal entrance, striped with horizontal shapes.

We then proceeded to remove the moldings, balustrades and the corbels, ultimately producing that boxy effect that stamps modern structures.

We extended an 18ft porch with taper columns, embellished with a porcelain tile to engender a limestone texture, revealing a lavish presence.

We substituted the tear drop fountain by two rectangular planters to present exotic desert plants.

The walkway Assembled from the main door to the front gate in a linear “zig-zag” movement with colored concrete and white pebble river rock, took the place of the horseshoe driveway.

We purposely employed split light color travertine from MSI Stone to break with the levelness of the walls, fashioning a three-dimensional texture look.

In one of the main walls, we took advantage of the gap where the balustrades were and displayed a large porcelain tile mimicking metal, as a focal point.

By adding horizontal grooves to the wall next to the metal look alike strip, a linear effect was crafted, blending consistently with the lines of the walkway, front gates, and front door, arranging for that rectilinear finishing touch of a modern structure.

This project is to be carried out in 20 months, and it includes the whole remodel of the house inside and out. We are at the final stage of the project which is right on schedule and bound for completion by the 1st of October.

The entire property is to be provided with a designer landscape in collaboration with Cesar Mazier Landscaping and Consulting, and we can safely say that we have met all the challenges presented to us, while we enjoyed the development of every stage of the project.

As we come to the end of this wonderful venture, we are confident that the best is yet to come!

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